Locanto Premium Features

Boost your ad with Locanto Premium Features

Ads with Premium Features are 10x more likely to be seen. Try it now!

1 month Top Ad
2 weeks free
Premium Ad
1 month Top Ad
1 month Gallery Ad
1 month free
Premium Ad
Top Ad
Top Ad

The Top Ad sends your ad to the top of the Locanto search results and gives it the “Top” label for a selected amount of time.

Sends your ad to the top of users’ search results.
Top Ad Upgrades:
+ Pole Position
Your ad appears above all other Top Ads in your category.
+ City Extension
Allows you to make your ad seen in a nearby city or even nationwide.
+ Category Extension
Puts your ad in related categories to attract even more customers.
Gallery Ad
Showcases your ad in a gallery next to users’ search results.
Premium Ad
Premium Ad

Premium ads are not only marked with the “Premium” label and highlighted in users’ search results, but are also rid of any third-party advertisements or references to other Locanto ads.

Highlights your ad, removes third-party advertisements and gives it the “Premium” badge.